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Inspired by the Sandbridge area of Virginia Beach...

Welcome to summer vacation!

Brown Minimalist Beach Ball T-Shirt_edit
Brown Minimalist Beach Ball T-Shirt_edit
A time for good memories, great beaches,
and — invasions?
Cover Mockup_edited.png
Mitch is in
for an adventure!

Beach vacations are supposed to be fun. They’re meant to bring the family together. But for 13-year-old Mitch, it’s not that easy, not when his father recently passed away. It also doesn’t help that the island he’s staying at gets invaded by alien creatures, turning the quaint beach town into a war zone.

Venturing through pirate ships, hidden coves, mysterious gateways, and a cave of nightmares, Mitch will quickly learn that he plays a vital role in this invasion. If he wants to save his family and defeat the terrifying source of this calamity, Mitch must put aside his grief and turn into the son his dad always knew he could be.

Join this wild, fantasy adventure where a boy’s world gets turned upside down, leaving him only two options: become the hero or —  GAME OVER.

The Author

ZACH HAWROT is a writer from a small town, a husband to his high school flame (that’s right, Amanda), and a father of four beautiful — and sometimes feral — children. After writing spec screenplays for over ten years, he decided to write a book, this book.  


Zach's family from Ohio has been vacationing in the Sandbridge area of Virginia Beach for over ten years. On a random day at the beach, they had a “what if” conversation that sparked the premise for this book.

“What if the only access to this beach was destroyed? What would we do?”

This spiraled into more questions and more observations about the area. Over time, it evolved into a vast world of mystery inspired by this beach terrain. His focus was to create a story he'd want to read as a kid — one inspired by summer vacations, monsters, video games, and the mystery books he read growing up.

He looks forward to expanding on this world in future books. This is only the beginning of Mitch’s magical arc.

Want to learn more about Zach's writing journey? Click here for his timeline.

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