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-Once you get art, apply it then change all the colors to match the theme.

-All pages link elsewhere

-Simply tell the premise then have an easy way to subscribe and buy

Welcome to Sandbridge!

Home of good times, great beaches, and — invasions?
Mitch is in for an adventure!

Beach vacations are supposed to be fun. They’re meant to bring the family together. But for Mitch, it’s not that easy, not when his father recently passed away. It’s also not helpful when the island he’s staying at gets invaded by alien creatures, turning the quaint beach town into a war zone.

Venturing through pirate ships, hidden coves, mysterious gateways, and a cave of nightmares, Mitch learns he somehow plays a vital role in this invasion. 

If he wants to save his family and defeat the terrifying source of this calamity, Mitch must evolve into the hero he always dreamt he could be.

Maybe add a place for genre, who it's for, why it was written, ect. 

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